Mitigating the risks.

Now that we've outlined the Potential Risks:, let's discuss how you can mitigate them.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

Keep track of what devices are connecting to your network and what services they're accessing.

Limit Open Ports

Limit Open Ports

The fewer open ports there are, the fewer opportunities for malicious actors to exploit.

Use Firewall & IPs

Use Firewall & IPs

Deploy Firewall & IPS to block unauthorized access and scrutinize the data flow in your network.

Patching and Updates

Regular Patching and Updates

This practice helps prevent exploitation of Passive Vulnerability Assessment in out-of-date software.

Port Filtering

Implement Port Filtering

Employ port filtering techniques to restrict access to specific ports based on source IP addresses, protocols, or other criteria.

End User Security Awareness

User Awareness

Educate employees about the risks associated with IP Discovery and Open Ports. Promote security awareness.