Seeing through Hacker's

BrandSek aims to assist organizations worldwide in securing their brand against dangerous and harmful cyber threats. Our engineers actively monitor the requests received from clients and provide updates on a real-time basis pertaining to investigations, risk mitigations, emerging threats, and security control executions. BrandSek strives to provide definite solutions to combat any phishing attacks expeditiously.
BrandSek's Approach

We streamline the right technology & procedures to help our clients mitigating their cyber attacks.

Mechanised assets inventory, scrutinization & rectification.
  • Commence asset discovery with minimal information by locating internet-facing assets with an interactive asset map.
Detailed analysis of cyber threats apprehensions and digital profiles.
  • Detect internal passwords that are leaked, with survey operations including malware and examine the data in underground forums
Generate detailed report and fix potential threats expediously.
Combined tool for threat & provide quick remediations. Get a detailed view about potential risks with the help of interactive graphs.
See the unknown assets you may have in your infrastructure.
Get instant notifications from our continuous scanning bots about your assets that may be interacting with malicious systems in outside world.
BrandSek Solutions

Our Solutions that can help you mitigate world's largest cyber threats.

Breach Risk Monitoring
BrandSek identifies and monitors surface web, data leaks, frauds, scams, dark web for credential disclosures and much more which could help you in bringing down the overall risk.
Brand Risk Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring of your cyber space helps to mitigate fake applications, brand pages, duplicate domains etc. that could threaten your organization’s reputation and financials.
Attack Surface Management
BrandSek aims to provide oxygen to your internet-based infrastructure by collecting and analyzing data from IT system, processes, publically available data sources etc.

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