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Misconfigured SSL certificates

An incorrect or misconfigured SSL certificate can fail the validation process which can further nullify the security advantages of utilizing a certificate that verifies the server which is trusted. Usually, if the administrator does not install a valid certificate, then the visitors to the site may receive an invalid certificate error message about the hostname error.

Expired SSL certificates

SSL Certificates have a limited validity period. When SSL certificates expire, web browsers generally display a warning on the webpage stating the expiry of the SSL certificate. Thus, it becomes crucial to monitor certificates validity period to renew them before they expire in order to maintain ownership, trust and security on your website. BrandSek seeks to provide notifications to the organisation much ahead of the expiration date.

SSL Certificate grades

SSL Certificate grades provides a system to measure and compare the configuration quality ranging from A-F letter grades. This helps to improve the security stance of any organisation. Usually, A+ grade is the most preferred grade while grades D,E,F are considered to be servers with critical configuration and security concerns. BrandSek, thereby, provides rating taking into consideration the exposed vulnerabilities.

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