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BrandSek provides a definite solution to combat any phishing attack in a simple yet quick manner by applying below:


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Records Check

BrandSek engineers actively monitor and maintain a record check of SPF to ensure that the mail claiming to be received from a specific domain is submitted by an IP address that is duly authorized.

DKIM Records Check

The security team at BrandSek ensures and maintains a regular check on emails received using an encryption key and digital signatures to verify that the email messages received are not forged or altered.

Multiple A Records Check

BrandSek maps the device connected to the internet using the domain name to track the IP address from which the email or website link has been received. This ensures redundancy and fallbacks of the organization.

Open Port Scan

Using the port scan technique, BrandSek detects open TCP ports, network ports, and running services. It also tracks OS fingerprinting on a target IP address or hostname for achieving an in-depth security verification.

SSL Scan

BrandSek performs in-depth analysis of configurations of SSL web servers on the public domain for any vulnerabilities and cryptographic weakness. It includes SSL details including expired certificates & vulnerabilities.

Scan all Subdomains

The security team at BrandSek scan all sub-domains that relates to the organization available in public network, filter any active/inactive subdomains, parked/ non parked sub-domains and resultantly expose their vulnerability.

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