Darweb & data Leakage

What we do?

BrandSek provides a definite solution to combat any phishing attack in a simple yet quick manner by applying below:


Monitor Scans

BrandSek meticulously scans for the total number of records that may be exposed in each data leak to cover all possible email compromises of the organization using domain monitoring. We regularly provide real-time updates to their clients so that they can sit back and relax.

Data Leak Detection

The security team at BrandSek expeditiously detects the possibility of any cyberattack that could result in data leakage or data breach of the organization. It is critical to expeditiously detect data leakage to prevent fraud or any reputational damage to the business.

Automated Notifications

Engineers at BrandSek, notify on a real-time basis at every stage when the Business email account is vulnerable to new breaches. This is to further expedite the process of changing the organization’s credentials if required and to investigate accounts for data leakage.

Take action and discover your vulnerabilities

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