Brand Security

Why BrandSek?

BrandSek provides a definite solution to combat any phishing attack in a simple yet quick manner by applying below:


24/7 Alert Monitoring

BrandSek’s engineers actively examine for any malware attacks on a real-time basis and alert our clients about any phishing or cloning of websites after proper detection and confirmation. Our services aim to monitor all websites.

Human Action

Our team of engineers diligently keeps a check on any phishing or cloning of the website taking away our entire client’s worry. Our focus is to rapidly remediate threats and save our clients valuable time and resources.

Coordinate & Investigate

Our security experts coordinate with rapid DMCA takedown services around the clock to help the client quickly take down the website in an ethical manner without any hassle. We follow up on the client’s behalf and provide quick updates.

Real Time Update

We provide a real-time status update to our clients about progress made at each step taken to protect their website right from alerting them about the possibility of such threats after detection and gathering other information.

Follow SLA Framework

Experts at BrandSek interact and coordinate with relevant authorities on behalf of the client to initiate takedowns within the SLA framework.

Take action and discover your vulnerabilities

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