Brand Threat Monitoring

What we do?

BrandSek provides a definite solution to combat any phishing attack in a simple yet quick manner by applying below:


Detect Look-Alike Domains

BrandSek protects the brand right from the first stage. We identify the websites with look-alike domains, web servers, or emails that are similar to your domain. Domains included in the mail server or web server category are duly covered by BrandSek.

Alert Notifications

BrandSek provides quick alert email notifications whenever any look-alike domain similar to the client’s primary email or website domain is registered, purchased, or available that might potentially impersonate your brand and mislead your customers.

Active Monitoring

The top priority of BrandSek is to actively monitor indicators of brand impersonation such as mail records or any infringing content to ensure that attacker’s infrastructure is disrupted before it harms your brand in any form which could lead to reputational loss.

Proactive Security Team

BrandSek security teams are proactive and meticulous to protect your brand against any fraudulent activity and ensure your domains are not abused. Before taking any action, BrandSek crosschecks any or all look-alike domains similar to the client’s domain.

Domain Doppelgänger Reports

BrandSek analyses and provides a detailed report of any or all look-alike domains found similar to your primary email domains and associated risk levels. This ensures that the client is well aware and informed through our detailed report.

Real Time Update

BrandSek provides a real-time status update to our clients about every step taken to protect their domains right from alerting them about the possibility of such threats after detection, gathering look-alike domain information to providing end-risk assessment with further action.

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